Finding connections and rich stories inside a new brand can be a challenge, but this project felt natural in the way the brand story and creative work came together.

Defining a unique position in a very competitive coffee market may have felt like a tall order, but understanding that the consumers were mostly older women, living in Tokyo meant we could develop a beautiful and female-focused brand. After several visits to Japan, we felt we had a good understanding of customer behavior and the aesthetic of our coffee consumers.

Given the owners were from New Zealand, we really wanted to find new ways to capture and express the characteristics of this country in this market. With our chosen name, Canopi, we designed a contemporary camouflage - reminding us of looking up from the forest floor and developed an ethereal bird that would travel between the cultures of both countries.

Soft morning light and landscapes defines our colour palette and the mystical jewel-like bird becomes the symbol for the brand. Our distinctive pattern creates a recognisable signpost for exterior awnings on café sites and becomes a playful component on uniforms and merchandise.